Hi guys, im having a dilemma about my gear, and the search for the right tone, as all of us usually are, i currently own a bogner uberschall revision green, i play in a metal/hard rock band, i play 6 string, to drop c#, or D flat, i play rhythm, with an ESP KH-2 emg's,mesa 4x12 cabinet, the uberschall is a thunderous amp, which i love for rhythm, it has the most bass ive ever heard out of an amp, but i only use the clean channel with an amptweaker tight metal pro pedal and a tube screamer ,and just turn the pedals off when i need cleans, i do this because i feel the distortion channel on the uber is too loose and dark, its just really chunky, ive liked the tone ive been getting on the clean channe, but i feel now its too dry, it lacks character, and i feel like im wasting the amp because i dont even use the distortion channel, which is where the character comes from, right now im only using the character of a pedal, i was looking at amps, i wanted something that was loud, versatile, and had a good balance between hard rock and metal on distortion channels, not too dark, not too light, but something i could plug into and sound great, the engl powerball 2 seemed like the best sounding, most versatile,not a one trick pony amp like maybe a peavey 6505, and sounding modern too, unlike marshall jvm410,

anyone have any thoughts on the two amps, and also if you think i can tweak the current setup i have, or add or subtract something, ive bought these pieces of gear because each one is good, but sometimes they all dont go together, i know good tone, and i feel something is wrong, but i dont know how to get there. thanks and sorry for the long post, but if your on the forum, this is what you also love, SO PLEASE HELP! thanks guys
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Well most of the terms you're using are subjective; for example, you wrote the uberschall is too loose, dark and chunky, but to me loose and chunky are almost opposite.

I haven't played an uberschall myself, tho I've played more than a powerball II, so I'll try and tell you what I can about that.

It is fairly dry, but it doesn't lack character.
I've heard the uberschall being described as the best parts of a mesa and a marshall together, and the powerball II is def drier than that, but less dry than, say a diezel herbert.
It's one of these amps that I feel don't even need a tube screamer for doing that heavy, downtuned, aggressive stuff.

I wouldn't use one for rock tho.
Too dry for my tastes.
For metal?
Any day.
Only a matter of taste here really.

How is the 6505 a one trick pony?
I found it one of the easiest amps to dial in.

The powerball II is def a lot more modern sounding than the JVM, yes.

Was I you, I'd try a mesa roadking II.
Or a mark IV/V.
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I bet when you do use the Uberschall's distortion that you are using too much gain. Ive played the uberschall before (I wasnt able to crank it) but it was a nice amp. Here are some distortion channel settings I would at least try before you give up on the thing: set the gain to 9oclock, bass to 11oclock, mids to somewhere between 12-3oclock, treble to 1-3oclock, presence to 2-230oclock. You can then try a tubescreamer (if you have one) between the guitar and the amp if you are going for a more modern metal tone; if you are just playing hard rock then you probably wont need it. You want to try to get your master volume up a fair amount; that really gives your sound a lot of punch and brings the treble and presence out.

If you run your gain too high, it fattens the tone up a lot and makes it very muddy as you describe. Keeping the gain lower and going for a brighter upper midrange and treble may make a world of difference for you.

Lastly, when you monitor your tone (at lowerish volumes or you could kill your hearing) try to get your ears right in line with the speaker cone. The tones you hear in recordings are generally close micd fairly close to the center of the speaker. If you are walking around your room not in line with your amp, you will be hearing something much different than your true mic'd sound.

PS: the engl pb 2 is an awesome amp, and I love Engl amps; but I wouldnt give up on the uberschall because its a beast of an amp too.
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i played an uberschall for probably an hour at GC though a few visits (on a mesa 4x12". i thought that it was a pretty solid amp. i do specifically remember that it was pretty bassy and bottom heavy, but thats what i like. i agree that it sounded like a mesa rec knocked up a marshall, but i personally like my tremoverb more (YMMV of course).

i must also agree that you could easily be using too much gain. every once in a while i will listen to some older recording clips of mine, and a few years ago, i was using WAYY to much gain. i have learned to dial it in better and have the gain lower and sounding a lot fuller and more natural.

one thing i see myself doing with my high gain heads is using a lower gain preamp tube in the PI and/or for V1. both my tremoverb and rockerverb benifited a *lot* from the lower gain tubes (i used JJ 12AT7's). an overdrive out front is a big help too. also as i have played more and more, i have come to lowering the bass and using more mids, i have a very mid-heavy tone on most all of my amps (in moderation not excessively).

also try moving your presence and resonance knob setting if you haven't (if the amp has it) can help sometimes.

good luck.
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I've had the various flavors of the Uberschalls but I've stuck with the Twin Jets. As already mentioned, take care with the Gain.

Among the various ENGLs I've gone through, the SE 670 stayed the longest ... incredible Clean to Brootz. Like the MB RoadKing II, a lot of knobs but so easy to get very nice tones.

Have you considered any of the Diezels?