Hey guys i recently got this martin d-3532 shenandoah. Ive been wanting it a long time. It belonged to my grandpa who passed away back in 2001. I wanted it ever since i started playing. I dont know much about the japan made ones. This one was made in 1985 the serial number says. It sounds great but i was wanting to know what you guys thought about them. I had to pay $800 dollars for it but im not only buying a guitar the sentimental value is what i bought. But just tell me what you think about the partly japan made ones.
I've played a couple or three Shenandoahs and thought they were decent guitars. I would be happy to own one, if I liked the tone. The fact that they have laminated b&s would bother me not it the least, but lack of an adjustable truss rod (which I'm guessing is the case) might. They carried the same warranty as standard Martins, which means that the neck would be resettable. This implies that you could in theory keep the guitar in playable condition for a very long time, if you wanted to spend the money on a reset - currently about $500.

From the bit of research I did, $800 is on the high side, but what price mojo?
Thank you sir i like it sounds good and plays good. But the sentimental value is worth a million dollars to me! What do you mean mojo price?
Its worth the world to me and it sounds great i think it sounds great even with its only part wood