there was a flash it could've torn a nuclear
cockroach clockwork quaff violent rotgut
                      sermon in admissible, fruit flies fistful of
             war)mongers languaging anything   no garbage grinder could
bear to understand [monofied and, still 
       ambulant. finally, the child decided ampersand swingset clacking was equally
useless; somewhere a crash hears everything silent, never really listening.

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I'm not much of a critic so I'm not going to leave a paragraph.

honestly that choice is probably time well-spent. not much to really say about garbage
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i see that you did there...

the edit or the latter. aw fuck, it don't matter. all lowercase and everything.
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You said it's all garbage and there is garbage in your writing, I thought you were just using clever wordplay.... Was I reading into it too much???
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I like it. Very poetic. Kinda reminds me of George Orwell's ideas.

from the little reading i've done about him (haven't read any of his books/essays), i can see where you could draw that comparison. ironically enough though, the language here is extremely vague and some words could be replaced with simpler ones. which contradicts most of his ideas on the writing process in general.

be what you hate etc etc i guess
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Really this poem simply portrays how well the literature has been used on the early days by the people.