Not sure if this is really the place to post this, but I have always really wanted to take up learning the guitar. There is one problem. Due to injuries in the past, my left wrist cannot fully rotate (think palms facing upwards) which makes holding the neck extremely difficult. I would just like to know whether I am just out of luck, or if there is some way of getting around this minor disability. I am right-handed, but should I consider purchasing a left handed guitar and just learn from scratch that way? Any feedback would be awesome!
Go to a guitar store and try out a leftie or borrow a guitar from someone and, if it's a rightie, flip it (but keep in mind that strings are also flipped). See if it's comfortable and something that you can get used to. Learning from scratch is something you need to do either way, left or right handed.
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If you hold the guitar in the classical position then you have a neutral wrist. Great for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome but it sounds like its great for you as well. In this case the guitar is between your legs as opposed to on your right leg. The neck is up around 60 degrees as opposed to being parallel with the floor. Try out a guitar and see how that feels.
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