Hey guys..

I am wondering if anyone can help me out with a wiring diagram for a HSH strat.. 2 volume pots.. One for the neck and the other for the Middle and bridge pups.. 1 master tone pot.. 5 way lever switch.. I also need one pot to be push/pull to split both humbuckers... If anyone could help me out that would be great...

Thanks in advance guys..!

firstly check out your pickups color code it's important

next here's your main wiring , i know you said 5 way blade but start with this first , we're adding the third pickup to this next. Focus on one wire at a time and the tone knob can be wherever you want it to be.

so ok the differences are the 5 way , we'll cover that in a second, but next for the pickup we can add it a bunch of places. The easiest would be to wire up the volume with two pickups selected like a regular one volume guitar as you can have more than one hot lead going to the jack and more than one hot lead going to the selectors poles.

so with the switch import or not there is a contact pattern starting from the top of an import switch with all the contacts inline.
1 - bridge pickup
3 - middle pickup
5 - neck pickup
0 - common - it activates half the switch

and then the second pole , with this , this is the most common way it's done and it proves a point, but just to help you out
0 - the second common that activates the other half of the switch
1 - bridge tone
3 - middle tone
5 - neck tone

there is a few ways to add a tone knob but just stick to the way the diagram is. The capacitor is essentially a sponge anyways to the sound. However if you never use the tone knob I'd suggest the fender greasebucket mod , it adds clarity by cutting abss on your signal so if the pickups are hot and predominantly bright or muddy at high amounts of gain and distortion where the sound saturates you'll find use with this mod. That or switch the capacitor to an audio transformer and it cuts the mids, you'd need an audio transformer with an inductance of over 0.5H to about 5H , do not go with megahenries they are like what single coils are to humbuckers stereotypically in regards to hotness. Roll down the mids on your amp to zero and see if it's more useful. metal guitars I tend to use that fender mod and it's great.

bu the way you can also do the 7 way mod
you can turn on all 3 pickups or the outer two like david gilmour does on his black strat. This guy on youtube had a great video on it called "how to beef up your strat" , dumb name but it's a very useful mod to some.
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I am still a little confused here. Still a newby to the electronic side of things.

Would the attached diagram work? Or is there a better way to do this..?
Or even something like this.. not sure what to do with the common tabs on the switch tho..
Am i even close here?? haha... this has me stumped.. I have a lot to learn...

If you could draw me up a rough diagram so i can visually see what you are talking about that would be very much appreciated.!

i'll design the diagram tonight or at least revise yours and see if it would work, its a quick bit of photoshop but take what you can from a regular HSH diagram for the 5 way switch

for now here's my advice
do a les paul style volume for the bridge , grounding and all remains the same
do a single volume style for the middle / neck (lets say)
the switch take what you can from a regular 5 way HSH diagram
grounding remains the same
when i was getting into wiring i spliced a lot of stuff together to make custom harnesses and you subconsciously pick up on stuff.

i wish i could just draw this out and take a photo on my camera most days haha , but yeah I do photoshop all the time for diagrams
Thanks heaps for that .. Would be great to see it on a diagram as I'm not really following.. I think it's the mix between the strat and les Paul wiring that has me confused.. It works in my head one way then I draw it out and no good..!! I think that last diagram I did is close but just not sure what to do with the commons on the switch.. If they should just go to ground on one of the volume pots. And if I should have the hot on the volume pots linked together and ran to the tone pot..

I'm with you on things though .. I need to play around and see what works.. The thing with this one is that I'm doing if for a friend and I don't have the pups to put into the circuit to check if it's working.. So it makes it hard to just play around with it until I get it right..!
this should work , if you want to know pretty much everything I do I did a bunch of blogs in December talking about everything from capacitor size to various mods. , every major kind of switch and all.

this I did in kind of fast but the two red wires (hot) starting at the pot and exiting to the hot lead on the input jack you can probably do in a more compact way , but in this diagram the big black circle are wires fused together and I use a lot of heat shrink to make life easier. The coil split is for the neck and bridge and the bridge volumes first so you can either blend certain pickups together (middle pickup makes more sense for the 2nd volume) to blend like a 50s tele to get some interesting sounds.

this is what i mean by blending in and all like the 50s , a blend knob to me is pretty useless but a lot of my inspiration for unorthodox wirings and all probably started with a few of this guys videos.

Ill def check out those blogs..! Thanks heaps for that... Im still confused and trying to work out how this wiring works...

Can you shift the coil split down onto the tone pot? or does it have to stay in the bridge volume position... i just want to keep it out of the way on the trem arm thats all...

Thanks again for this... Although i am still a little confused by it all ... it is good to see it infront of me.. its just strange only seeing one side of the 5 way switch used and the les paul set up on the bridge and then strat for the neck and middles...

for the push pull imagine if it was floating in space, those 6 contacts work regardless of where you place them. So same positioning and all. A push pull is essentially a mini toggle (like an on/on one). If you wire a on/on half way you get coil splits , phase reversal and all , so they revert to being like say a light switch.. makes sense right/

yeah it's strange for sure , i had one guy ask for an individual volume on each pickup coil so the challenge was no expensive switches and no drilling so he had to get these weird concentric potentiometers which are like blend knobs just they are two independent pots stacked.

but yeah try the wiring out and see if it works for you, if not there's a ton of ideas you can do with that say push pull or tone pot.