Hey UG, long time since I posted anything here. One of these tracks I posted here a while a go but since it goes with the playlist, I've included it (Desolate Utopia). On the other hand there are three other tracks that are ready, which I would appreciate some feedback on. They're influenced by some Darkjazz bands as well as some VGM. The link for said music can be found on my Soundcloud account here. I think Soundcloud messed up with the compression so the higher frequencies of the percussion sound bad.

Happy to C4C too.
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Hey Hayden. Checked out 2 of your tracks (it's a shame the other's were non-playable) and I like what I hear, right up my street. Liked the different note progressions in 'The Lachrymal Dream' and 'Desolate Utopia' had an interesting vibe and sound to it as well. I like how there's a lot happening with regards to all the other instruments. Nice production on the tracks also.

If you're interested I'd like to share something from my old music with you - you might have an ear for it. Here's a 2 minute sample of a long track called 'Kings Karpet' : King's Karpet

And also, if you're interested, would you be up for some C4C? Here's my thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1683186
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L Dream first. Thanks for reminding me that darkjazz is a genre that I enjoy, even though this didn't sound anything like the darkjazz I'm used to, which is weird since you listed my favourite bands in the description. I'm not sure if I'd call this jazz at all. Video game OST is spot on though. I think it was a nice track, but not really what I expected.

D Utopia has a more suitable vibe for me. Really cool and dark progressions, the leads aren't bad either, a bit linear but still fitting. Cool track all in all, liked the vibe a lot.
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