so im ready to get into 5 strings, but idk the first thing about buying one
its been awhile since iv bought new instruments, and there are so many thing to look for

iv been considering these 3:

Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. RAY5
B.C. Rich MBP5GHBK Mockingbird Plus 5-String Bass

I play a lot of rock/metal but I play with a funk kind of style

if you know which of these is best or if you have other suggestions feel free to comment, I really need the help

keep in mind im trying to stay under 400$

go to a guitar store, pawn shop, whatever you've got near you and try all the instruments you can get your hands on. maybe you'll find a 6 you really enjoy playing, or play on a bunch of 5s and realize it's not for you

don't go in blind to these kinds of decisions - your preferences dictate what you should invest in, and you can't know your preferences without actually sitting and playing the instruments

put your time in, do your homework, and you'll be happier in the long run.
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EDIT: +1 to Hail. Go and try stuff out before you blind buy.

Of the three you've suggested, I'd go for the Ray5 and that's because I did go for the Ray5.
It's been my main bass since last May and I really like it.
The Low B is very clear and punchy, the preamp sounds clean, it feels well made and sturdy and best of all, it sounds f*cking great.

I mean, I am slightly biased...

The 3 soundcloud links in my signature were all recorded with it and so was almost everything on my feed since my 'Hero - Damjan Mravunac' cover.
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so im ready to get into 5 strings, but idk the first thing about buying one

I bought a 5 without knowing much about them (I used the fifth string as a thumb rest for a while), but got lucky. My first (and only) five-string is a Carvin LB75 dating to around 1989. Under $500.

Neck-through, full scale, ebony fretboard, real MOP block inlays, active preamp, outstanding shape, bright Ferrari red, Jackson-style headstock.

that's all fine and well, but I live in a boondock Michigan town and the guitar place went out of business awhile ago

im just wondering if there are specific models that fit my playing style for the price range

in all seriousness ill just have to guitar center everything
Well; the B.C. Rich Mockingbird is clearly a Metalhead's bass, but the five-string version is a good one. I was sorry that they stopped making the neck-through version in five-string. It was much better.

The Ray is a hell of a lot of bass for the money. Of the three, I would almost certainly go with that one. i think you will be pleasantly surprised by it.
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Music Man is my recommendation out of the ones you've listed.

ESP of course is more 'metal' in terms of looks and sound, but for versatility I think the sterling is best for your genre since it can pull off those funky licks while sustaining good low-end growly rhythms for metal genre.

The body feels decent to play on and can deliver versatile sounds depending on how you'd like to play, if you feel like spending a little more you should look into the Stingray by MusicMan, excellent sound.

This is an unbiased opinion since I rejected the 5 strings to return to my primitive 4 string basses, but from my experience I think the sterling works best for your genre specs.
i wouldn't hesitate to recommend the sterling SUB ray5 - they're really nice basses with great tone. their build quality, tone and neck are really super, a step above the other two imo.
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