Hi all, so I have a new band called Pareidolia we are a hard rock/prog metal band from New Jersey. I just did a guitar playthrough of one of our songs called "Leave Me Alive" which has some intricate riffing and leads. If people were digging the tune I was thinking of releasing the TABs when we release the album (sometime this fall).

Also our Facebook band page can be found here if you like what you heard
Facebook Pareidolia Band Page

If you would like me to check out your videos/tunes post them here and I will give my comments on their page (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc). Rock on!

--Steve Dadaian
Damn, the singer's voice is amazing. And you guys are from New Jersey, which is the home of Symphony X, one of my favourite prog metal band.

The song is great. I really have nothing to say. It's got commercial potential.

The pre-chorus was particularly cool with the vocal rhythm and melody.

Cool riffage as well. I'd get tired by the end of that song haha.