what happened to Tom Lenard?
four wheeling and fishing
snapping turtles and evergreens?

What happened to Bob and Lynne?
Jody and T.J
Buddy who committed suicide, the family curse
of death and cancer.

What happened to Doughe Haye
his UFO's and cocaine,
who wont visit his daughter
because she has boobies now
and is brainwashed?

What about Peter Frampton
who I shit you not
lived 5 minutes from me,
right next to Denny
who married a Jehovah witness
and doesn't have to buy Christmas presents
for his kids?
Who also kept mowing the lawn
so our house would sell?

What about my poor cat Eldorado
Templeton baby cat bishop
with a swollen head,
who doesn't remember me anymore
because I have boobies now?

What about Celeste Bergman
who wont return my calls,
Or Nick who smokes pot
and burns holes into his skin,
the psychedelic Alex Gray room?

And Erin,
Erin, Erin, Erin, Erin.

Take care of my brother
Don't fight the courts
love your husband.
be an adult for once in your life.

You dont have to call me anymore
because I'm all grown now.

Ohio was fleeting, but it was simple.

(sorry for a bunch of writing, I've been in an inspired mood lately.)
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