I recently bought a TC NOVA and i'm putting it on my pedal board now.

I read somewhere, that I can change channels on my amp via midi with the Nova system. Is this possible, and how? I can't find it in the manual.

My amp is a Marshall MHZ40c Haze combo 40 watts.

It would give me a lot of free space on my pedalboard while the Marshall channel switcher is HUGE with a "Effect" switcher I never use.

Thanks in advance.

It's possible to change channels on some amps with the g major, not with the nova.
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If the amp has midi in and the Nova has midi out you might be able to but not on Haze amp. If the Nova has amp control out 1/4 jack you might be able to program it. The one that can do that is Boss GT series 8 and up and I think Pod XT if you're thinking of simplifying your setup.