Hi. So, earlier this month I had the brilliant idea of changing the pickups on my Epi SG G400 Pro instead of buying another guitar (I was aiming for a 2013 SG Future Tribute). I found what seemed to be a bargain for a set of Tony Iommi pickups for about 130 $ and jumped right at it. When they arrived, I found out they were fake. I did get a partial refund which was surprising nonetheless and got to keep the fakers. Now, I'm trying to figure out what kind of pickups these are. If anybody has any slight clue of what these are, it would be of great help. I'm just going to post a link to my previous thread where you guys told me I got ripped off. What a world we live in..
You can find pictures there. The pickups themselves seem rather heavy and well-built. I can come back with more pictures if necessary.
I don't think anyone will be able to tell without any markings at all on them.
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those are the cheapest ebay pickups you can imagine they are like 8-15$ a set. American dollar.

The red wire if it's two conductor
the screw threading is 4-40 not 3-38 - so 4-40 as we know is slightly thicker
the bottoms of the pickup are all plastic
just gotta ask -why did you buy them? didn't the seller have a picture of them? next time don't buy anything you can't see. the iommi's are very distinctive looking. those things are so cheap that even at a "partial refund" the seller scored and you have two plastic lumps to throw out.
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to be fair they weren't horrible, everyone is so caught up in brand, country , marketing and advertising. They are only two conductor and encapsulated in epoxy.

Sometimes they have red wires, some times there is red and blue , other times gray, all the same pickups with a 7-9 and approximately 11k resistance.

but this is them, get a full refund and call the thief/hustler or whatever every name in the book. I'd be a dick and mail him a mcdonalds job application.
If you ignore the brand question, have you tried them yet? If they sound good to you then what else matters?

To me the joy of guitars is their differences from each other, where each always inspires a slightly different approach when I play them (that's why I own so many, and still have G.A.S.).

Years ago old brands like Harmony, Kent, and Teisco were considered garbage ("not Gibson or Fender, so they must be bad") and people would comment about how they "sound like crap". I see this possibly as "groupthink". I have a Teisco and I have used it in recordings because of the unique sound of its pickups compared to my numerous other guitars.
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