I just purchased one and waiting for it to arrive.

I looked at a bunch of loopers but I like that fact that this one has more options. First off it has 350+ songs already on it if you just want to jam. I do like that I can change the guitar tone also.

My question, as a looper how does it stack up? I've compared it with the Boss and JamMan and I hope I made the right choice. I spent about $150 on a used one.
jpjr50 I had one for a while but i sold it. It was great for playing around with at home but i wanted something suited for playing-out with live (at open-mic).
I found the looper confusing cause by default it wanted to loop over-top one of the built-in songs whereas i just wanted to loop my rhythm-guitar part by itself. So, i would have to fiddle with the knobs to get it set for that. Also, once the loop was recorded, if i wanted to change guitar tone, it would involve too much menu navigation to get to my other tone.