By best I mean what is the best wattage/voltage? I've heard you shouldn't have anything too powerful for simple electronic work, I'm working on pickups. Suggestions are highly appreciated!
the weakest i've used was 15w , the highest about 60 (adjustable). I liked the 30w Nextec ones by the source a lot, they were around 6$ (canadian) and if they are the tips designed for lead sodler they last a long time.

my biggest "tips' are..
keep the iron clean , if any dirt gets on it use copper steel wool (dollar store)

have/use a wet sponge - the green and yellow kind work great to remove excessive solder and rosin from your tip

tin the iron tip the first time it turns on (lots of youtube videos)

and tin / strip every wire , tin every contact before soldering

be patient , let the iron heat up, test it by melting solder. For guitars the gauge of solder isn't too important I like the thick stuff personally , tin the iron again before trying to remove wires from the back of a pot as the solidified solder can be re-heated without damaging pots if you do it right. By adding a bit of solder you're getting the iron to go hotter.

but yeah as a hobbiest buy anything, don't worry about getting a fancy one as long as you get your sound out of your guitar. I had really good luck with a 6$ one from the source.

solder of choice
60/40 rosin core solder
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A good cheap one will work for you...just the plug in kind. That is if you are just fixing your guitar, and not in a "professional" sense.

A small tip is the best in my opinion.

Other than that, everything that Tallwood said is spot on.
I like 45w. 15 is too cold for me personally.
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I've got a Hakko soldering station (don't remember the number) that's at least 30W - 60W. You want something that can come to temperature very quickly, that has enough heat that you're not leaving it sit on something waiting for the heat to come up (that's when you destroy pots) and that can do the job quickly and efficiently.

I appreciate the input, still thinking about it. Mainly going for whatever is cheapest, just looking to put some pickups back into a guitar and then when I get another guitar I'll swap the pickups in it. Nothing serious but just curious to experiment
Straight plug in type. 40 watts, conical tip is all you need for guitar electronics. Get a stand for it also.
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Id suggest a 30W cheapo iron if it's not going to be used much. Any lower and you might have an ass of a time soldering anything to the backs of the pots in the guitar. The cheap stuff usually has a conical point Ive noticed.

for the solder, the easiest Ive worked with is the .032" 60/40 rosin core from radioshack. don't know if that exists anymore though.
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I have an Antex XS25 which I think is fine for guitar work. Better irons are useful when you are soldering large conductors (e.g. heatsink) but for guitar work aren't really needed. Do yourself a favour and get leaded solder though. It's easier to work with and melts at a lower temperature. Just don't breathe in too many fumes!
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I appreciate the input, still thinking about it. Mainly going for whatever is cheapest,

The thread title was "best," not cheapest.

My only caution would be that you can easily ruin components with "cheap" if that means that you don't have enough heat to do the job quickly and efficiently. If you allow components to become heat-soaked, it's easy to ruin them. An iron that is capable of attaining and remaining at a working temp is best, regardless of price.
Don't get a cheap iron. Good ones aren't much more and are way better. Weller/Hakko/Xytronic/Solomon.
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Weller are quite good value but I agree that you want 30W or higher. Anything smaller you stand more chance of overheating components as you heat sink them trying to get enough temperature for the solder to melt.

A flux pen can be quite handy and a stand with a sponge is a must. As noted previously, keeping the tip clean makes everything work so much better.
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