Hello guys, I'm so glad I'm here and found you. I was thinking of starting to learn play the guitar for a hobby. I want to learn to be able to play some rythms, mayb and some solo songs, but mainly for singing in groups with the friends.

My question is as every begginer's lol. Which guitar should I go for this type of use, and for a begginer, and preferably not an expensive one. I believe a mid-priced or cheap one might do the job okay for the start.

What do you suggest I watch or read so I better understand things?
I have some knowledge on music notes and stuff, cause I played the piano, harmonic, clarinet, saxophone, xylophone, drums, and what not. I believe I won't have problems, I just need hard work and good guidance.

Thanks a lot, I wish to have a great time with you here! Cheers!
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What sort of music do you want to play?
A poem.
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What sort of music do you want to play?

I guess some acoustic covers for some songs.. (I forgot to mention, I'm talking about an acoustic guitar). Maybe learn some good melodies too, like songs from Armik or Paco de Lucia (at least TRY lol, not that I believe I'll master them good enough)..