I'm posting this as this has been on my mind for the past few days, and that is that my right hand thumb, for about as long as I've been playing guitar probably (12 years) is a little off physically. I've never really noticed before and it hasn't bothered me as I still get by and can play, but I just wanted to know whether any of you thought that this could have a significant effect on things in a way.

I attached a left hand and right hand photo for comparison. Left hand thumb is fine.

Edit: Both are pressing the thumb against the index finger as hard as possible.
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No it wouldn't. Not everyone's hands are the same and there isn't a specific hand build that allows you to play guitar. I think it's just all in your head and there's nothing to worry about.
yeah I suspect I'm a bit paranoid, but my concern is whether the lack of flexibility could affect things a bit, or if there's a connection to grip on the pick (which I can't get a lot of) and how that could affect my wrists ability to maintain tightness.

On the other hand, I've been playing like this for 12 years. don't know why I'm worrying
To put it into a different perspective, does anyone think that the guitar could be hit with more power with the flexibility that my left thumb (and the majority of people's thumbs) exhibits than my right (still on the assumption that there's a small fracture somewhere along it)?
i think your right thumb look fine. i've seen worse. ime your right hand should just hold the pick, maybe adjust it's angle, or choke up or pull back on it a little bit. not a lot of heavy lifting going on there. for me the power comes from the wrist. also a heavier pick couldn't hurt if extra volume is what you want.

btw your left thumb looks to be double jointed.

you've been playing for 12 years so obviously you are doing something right. i wouldn't worry about it.
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