Already using the Tonebone VT to switch Amp heads, but the limitation is that I can't have delay/reverb/looper in the FX loops of the amps, because accidents can happen (switching the amp head and the other amp having nowhere to offload, lol). And we all know how those sound when placed before the pre-amp...

Well, today I found out about Radial Twinline, basically an amps FX loop switcher, which can also trigger the Tonebone VT switch automatically. So excited, can't wait to get it!!!! So I stayed until 4am to draw the diagram of my new board. As you can see, I utilize a looper, a reverb, a delay....I can even seem to be able to run the noise suppressor in an X pattern like I used to before getting the second amp.

Any volunteers willing to follow my diagram and tell me what you think? See any mistakes?

Updated (2015-07-24):

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First off, that's some crazy ass shit n****. If i were you i would switch to a modeling amp at some point.
But i think i know what your problem is.
The Twineline is not an amp switcher as you declared. The Tonebone is.
-You have to put your signal from behind the pre-effect-group into the Tonebone (after noisegate -> i would place the noise gate in front of all the effects, but as you please)
-then you have to feed the Tonebones outgoing signals to the amps input.
-their FX send goes to the twineline "from amp A/B"
-the FX loop is connected to the twineline almost as it is ->EQ->carbon copy->reverb->looper->twineline
-the twinelines return back to the amps return
-the amps output (high voltage it seems) into the tonebone
-tonebone to speaker

I created this lineup under the assumption that your amps speaker output is meant to go through the tonebone to your speaker, therefore it will not break by that and harm you or your other equip.
Heh, thanks! What you described is pretty much what I intended it to be. The only thing that probably threw you off a bit is the noise clamp, which I actually put in an X-pattern. Let me explain.

Having the noise clamp before the amps works great at muting unwanted guitar noise. However, amp B (the Peavey) has a very noisy preamp when the volume is cranked on the lead channel. Forgetting anything about two amps setup, having it connected the following way works like a charm (taken from another post in this forum):

I came from using modelling processors. Then I was using pedals going into a super clean Fender. I loved that for a while, but was always tweaking my tone and it was driving me nuts. Having no dirt pedals but relying on the two amps for dirt is a very good fit for me. For some reason I really love the tone I get from first try (or maybe because I don't have much choice?!), but I end up enjoying the whole playing thing much more...and consequently do much more of it
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Just updated top post with the latest diagram. Radial Eng. engineers apparently went over it and are confident it will work Can't wait to get the Twinline, lol! Then I'll have the dream rig!
Does this work? I wanna add a Rectoverb 25 to the mix with my Mark V:25 and share an effects loop. This thing is a godsend if it works as described.
Works perfectly as intended, been using it for a while already, and it's perfect. The two Radial boxes are expensive, but are top-notch quality and engineering.. Here's my up-to-date setup, been using it daily. I made the footswitch myself, it's a simple switch.

Pretty cool- why not just use the marshall cab in stereo though (that is the 1960 cab right?)? Two speakers for the peavey and the other two for the bugera. Its not like it will sound worse or bad; and then you wont need the load boxes and switchers. Plus you can have your effects loops ready to go and active. You would just need an ABY out front. You would need an extra mic for live use (if youre micd up), but you could use that to your advantage and get two mics that complement each side. Just a thought.
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Do you have any recordings of this? I want to hear it so bad
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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How many connector cables are involved in this?
How many pedals total?
Ever add up the total (not counting amps, speakers) dollar amount to reproduce this, at current new prices?
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