I just read the manuals for the Vox Stomplab series, mainly the 1g.

Then I realized, the whole thing, the features, functions, and the way you program them, is like, 80++ percent similar to the old Korg ax3g/ax5g series?

I've only the Korg AX3G but was looking around for other low end MFX until I found the stomplab.

If I am not wrong, this is not really a 'VOX' product because no way 'VOX' would make this when they already have something like tonelab series of mfx.

This smells, and looks basically like an upgraded Korg AX series mfx, housed under metal casing and borrowing the 'VOX' brand name.

This pedal is an anomaly in the line of pedals offered by VOX itself.

So am I right to say the Vox stomplab is a rebadged KORG ax series with upgraded firmware ?
I have no idea, but Korg owns Vox.
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Vox wouldn't make anything digital so all the Vox multifx started showing up after Korg acquired them.
So in essence you're buying rebranded Korg. They do well with the technology, these are some of the more realistic sounding modelers.
i have an AX1500G korg processor (old as ****) i think its a little bit older than what you are specifying, but if it is in the same series, it feels its age. i will give it credit for handling abuse, but not much more than that.

but if you are looking at newer generations i don't have experience with them.

danny likes the korg handheld units (PX or something). ask him.
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