Ok so I am using a Bad Monkey overdrive pedal (gain MIN, level MAX) as a clean boost into my Marshall 50w JVM.

My chain is guitar, Shure wireless, boost pedal, amp.

I am just reading through the manual of the Shure wireless unit, and the output gain on the reciever can be set anywhere from -10db up to +35db approx.

I have always used it at 0db. Now I am thinking if I put it up to +20db or so will it give me the same effect as using the boost pedal (I always have it on anyway, and just use guitar volume to clean up sound).

It would be one less link in chain, one less power lead, one less lead to mess about with and make it a tiny bit easier setting up and packing away after gigs.

I am going to try it myself later, but the problem is being able to A/B quickly enough to notice changes. By the time, I unplug, bypass pedal, and increase gain on reciever its gona be 30 secs or so, and therefore hard to judge.
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I think it'll work, but it won't sound the same.

The bad monkey is going to be colouring your tone a fair bit, it's not a completely transparent boost like you'll probably get from the shure wireless receiver.
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Try it and trust your ears. A +20db should not cause any damage to your amp.
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I bet if you do the wireless boost to amp versus cable (no wireless) to bad monkey to amp you will like the cable/badmonkey combo a lot better. Ive noticed the bad monkey colors your tone, but wireless tends to suck your tone and make it sound thinner / noticeably kills some high end definition; at least my wireless unit did (line 6 g something). Set up a mic and record your tones, then you can listen after the fact and decide what you think sounds better
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