Hey, today i received my first guitar which was supposed to be the Jackson JS22 Dinky - 6 String.

However... i received something different, it has 7 strings, and is definitely second hand. The guitar appears as though its been taken apart numerous times.

I can't find this Guitar on Jacksons website, there are similar ones but none of them are the same so i'm extremely confused

Thanks a lot guys, i know nothing about Guitars so i can't do this on my own. Take a look at the pics.
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at first I thought it was a Jackson 227
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What smitty said, if we know where this thing came from we can tell you more.
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Where did you get it from?

It's from GAK.co.uk. Sorry about that. I assumed it could be a newer or older model but I just don't know how to find this stuff out.
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Anyone? I need to decide very soon whether it gets sent back. Before 4pm!
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If its your first guitar stick with a 6 string. I would send it back.
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