Hi there, I found a used ltd mh-100qm at some local shop for 260$, I own an ibanez grgr121ex and if I put it down I'll also get 70$ (maybe a bit more) discount. I can't decide whether this is a good deal. Apparently the ltd has received a lot of praises at ug, It has floyd rose special bridge which matters more now that I'm playing the lead. The most I'll do will be playing at a gig at school, to a hundred people max., nothing beyond that. So my next guitar will probably be my final one, at least until I get a job. It seems mh-100 may be just enough, especially if I change the pickups, but I'm not really sure.

Note on prices: A new ltd mh-100 goes around 360$ here, while grgr121 is ~260$. I'm rather hesitant to part with my good old grgr, it's my first and been with me for last 5 years, but without giving it the deal seems less feasible. What do you guys think, is ltd mh-100 a worthy upgrade, should I get it and which deal seems the best way for that?

This all may seem trivial, but the current exchange rate is 1$=2.75liras here and min. wage is around 350$ (PER MONTH), so it's actually big money, I really don't want to get screwed.

ps: I play prog. rock and some heavy/thrash metal.
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min. wage is around 350$

An hour?!

Which country is this and how do I get past the border patrols?
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Save up for a 400 series LTD. Cheap Floyds are a no no from experience. Also since you plan on swapping the pups the 400s come with EMGs or Duncans and you'll get a guitar that you can use for years.
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Oh, I thought that both have the same floyds since it says floyd rose special in description for both, thanks a lot for the advice. I've seen a cheap korean mh-400 for 240$, yet it seems a bit rusty. Would it cost a lot if I change the bridge etc.? here's the link: http://image5.sahibinden.com/photos/30/53/49/big_1483053495rf.jpg
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If it is functioning properly besides looking bad the tremolo would not need to be replaced, New the MH-400 it is a much better guitar than the one you currently have or the MH-100 it is all depending on the condition considering that it is used, is that an online auction? If so find out what kind of return policy there is on the MH-400 it does have EMG's at least, neck through and a nice carved top!

If you can return it if it is not up to your expectations and keep your current guitar I'd say go for it.
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An hour?!

Which country is this and how do I get past the border patrols?

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No, sadly I won't be able to return it and that ad is from 2013 so probably it was sold anyway. There seems to be an economic crisis up ahead, that may draw the prices even higher that's why I'm bit afraid to let go mh-100.
Hi guys, me again. I've been going through ads and so far I was able to find Schecter Omen 6 Extreme, Ibanez RG321mg, RG350DX,RG350EX and RG370DX with dimarzio evo bridge pickup. There seems to be an abundancy of Ibanez, also og Epiphones which I really don't know anything about. So does upgrading to any of them make any sense or shall I go on saving for a better one. Tbh I've been particularly impressed by Omen 6 extreme.