Hey, so my bad if there's an app thread our something, but i couldn't see anything in the search bar soo. ..whatever
My ipod classic just shit the bed and i dont think it's coming back this ti ... i often listen to podcasts and such on walks, but when cars drive by they pretty much down out my phone completely, so I'm wondering, are there any legitimate volume boosting apps for Android? I've seen a few with mixed reviews, but my limited knowledge of electronics has me questioning If its even possible.
You wear headphones, right?

Maybe better quality headphones.

Try going into your settings and changing the eq. With the iPhone you can change it to "spoken word". That should add some clarity maybe. Not sure.
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pm me this mysterious hair volumizer app...
for a friend...

tried messing with the eq on play music, seemed to boost a tad. see how it fares tomorrow on my walk.
thanks all
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