Hey all,

It's been a while, haven't been too involved with music over the past year or so. My friend and I started a project and just released our first single. You can download the raws from the link in the youtube description.

Info on stufffff

Vocals - Shure SM7b -> ISA One Preamp
Guitars - Ibanez RGD2127 -> TS9 -> 5150III -> Mesa V30's -> Sm57/Royer R121 (first time using it be gentle you *****s) -> ISA One Preamp/M Audio Profire 610
Bass - Fender Jazz 5 String -> Sansamp RBI/DI/Guitar Chain (3 tracks)

Tempo is 180bpm

5150 III 100W, Mesa 4x12 Cab, Framus Cobra Cab, M-Audio Profire 610, ISA One Pre, SC607-b, Equator D5's, Countryman Type 85 Di box, Radial JCR, Superior Drummer, SSD 4 Ex, TS9, NS-2 and the list goes on and on