I have a $300 Dean Dave Mustaine electric guitar for metal, trash metal and death metal, just to play it for fun and future band. I'm really interested in getting Seymour Duncan pickups (officially my first pickups to buy), so here are the following the links I'm going to show:


I've heard alot of good responses about these pickups and said they are worth it for drop tuning and heavier music. Please let me know what you guys think and I'm looking forward to hear your replies. Enjoy your day!
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If you're amp's decent you'll be fine. If not you won't see a leaps and bound difference. Genre wise those pickups should be fine.
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what do you have for an amp?
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If your guitar has passive pickups, switching to active Blackouts will require you to replace your pots and output jack. If you can get the pickups as a set somehow, they should come with everything you need.

I like the AHB-1s. I don't think that I would ever go out of my way to buy them, but they fill a nice spot if you want something more organic than an EMG, but more active sounding than an EMG X.

I don't like the AHB-2 or 3. They're just too high output, they don't make sense unless you're running your rig old school and pushing the front end of your amp with your pickups. But that's really impractical IMO.
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It's just a question of whether you like their sound, but they're definitely awesome for metal - they sound almost absurdly fat and massive (unlike EMGs which are quite thin), while still retaining that articulation of actives. (Referring to the AHB-1 though, haven't encountered the AHB-2 or 3 much.)
They're great pickups for sure! But I agree with Offworld; if my guitar wasn't already setup for active pickups I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to install them -- when there are so many great passive pickup options available today.

If you want a sampling of how they sound, click on the song in my signature -- every guitar part in that song was recorded with my Schecter Blackjack v1, which has Blackout Ahb 1s. Even the cleans. However, I should note that there's a lot more to my tone than just pickups.
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Looks like your guitar has passives pickups, so I'd take a look at passive Seymour Duncans (Black Winter, Distortion). Unless you plan on doing all sorts of electrical work.