yo (long time no see)

i have been a very naughty lazy boy

i am wondering when i stand up to play my electric guitar, am i supposed to provide force on the trunk of it using my right forearm in order to counteract the force i apply to it when pressing the strings on with my left hand (notably when i do slides but also when i need to play notes fast and tend to press them harder sometimes)?

i was finding that sometimes when i press the note i push my guitar back and lose my positioning. maybe you hold it tighter against your body, maybe i was just pressing too hard, maybe it goes away if you actually practice standing up, or maybe you counterbalance it with your forearm like i said?

also, i have been trying as much as possible to not squeeze the back of the handle with my left hand (the area where the thumb is) and instead just have my fingers touching the guitar frets - sort of trying to float my thumb so its not pressing against/squeezing the guitar. is this correct?

(i guess this might MIGHT also explain the first question , if im not pressing on the back of the handle then its easy to unbalance the guitar...)


here is a video i took earlier tonight maybe you can see my technique , probably not tho. (ive practiced **** all and usually sitting down so maybe i will just get used to standing up and this stuff will go away, but the questions are valid for now i guess)

edit: actually another thing i noticed when i actually turned my guitar volume on for once was it sounds like actual shit , i really need to practice with the sound on coz you can't tell how well you're playing with it off at all

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Put a shirt on! Seriously!

Anyway, you do need the thumb to touch the back of the neck when playing. Letting it float is more of practice technique to help with adjusting finger pressure. Of course when actually playing you do need some thumb contact to keep stability.
tnx buddy ill keep going standing up and probs get used to it sooner than later
Only a fast in and out, as a learner, if I be taking a shot at simply changing to distinctive harmonies (D, G, An, E), or is it vastly improved to attempt and get into playing an essential tune as snappy as could be expected under the circumstances (regardless of the fact that unpleasant and moderate at first!!)

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