Hi guys here is my cover of this great song from Pink Floyd :

Video here

FYI : this is my first attempt of singing I know it's not great and if you have any advices I'll take them

I'm not that good when it comes to mixing so let me know how I can improve myself!

Cheers from France
Awesome work!

I thought it was cool how you did the different instruments with the Roland. Your voice sounded pretty good too, although it was hard to understand the lyrics. Not sure if this was a recording issue or an issue with your actual singing, but just something I noticed. The notes were good and in tune for the most part.
Thx for your replies!
@godspeedy : I take note of your comment and I'll take care of this part for the next recording

@MeGaDeth2314 : I was not confident enough to put the voice on top of the mix Plus I've used a micro made for acoustic guitar recording. I'll do a better job next time! (at least I hope so )