I've tried writing in a new style, I also limited myself to one key, just to see what I could come up with.

Leave your link in the comments and i've check out your tracks
Really liked the almost bubbling sound of the notes from about 0.50, a really eclectic mix of tones. And the fade out of music before hitting hard back in 1.39 was awesome. Overall it's really good, have to say I'm not the biggest listener of instrumental prog, but this was a refreshing change of pace for me. The quiet clean outro was also pretty sweet. Followed on Soundcloud, so will be looking forward to more stuff from you!
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Very cool sound.

The guitar tone is really fizzy without being harsh on the ears. I like the bass part and the way it sits in the mix. The mix overall is really nice and spacious and clean, no overcrowding. The vocal part is sweet, I like the way it builds up. Not so sure about the little lead part just before the vocals though - a touch chromatic for me. Other than that I thought the lead work was good, it added to the groove rather than distracting from it.

The section around 2:40 kinda reminded of the Unforgiven II by Metalica (Cetainly not a bad thing).

Really nice track.

I dig the guitar riff around 0:30, though the timing could be tighter. Vocals around 1:30 sound like something severe will happen (I took a deep breath). I like most of the wah guitar. I like the cleanish guitar tone at the end, though I wonder if the guitar tuning is a little flat there. I like the song overall. Please review my music at this link: