Hey, this strat was purchased and they said that it is an American made strat. Sold for a good price. I'm just wondering if anyone can help identify the model? The date on the neck has been rubbed off the bottom and no serial number on the top but theres a custom shop logo on it on the back. I'm not familiar with strats so trying to find out. Thanks for the info!

The date on the neck being rubbed off is suspicious.

How much are they asking?
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Those tuners look cheap, even the low end fenders have an F logo on or something.
yeah quite a few things not adding up here
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Take the pickguard off and post pics of the body and the back of the pickups if possible. That would help narrow it down, but I have never seen an American Fender with paint or a sticker in the neck pocket, buyer beware...
It makes no sense for someone to remove the serial number unless there is something to hide. I would never buy a guitar that was missing the serial number.

Considering the rest of the guitar, the shiny neck plate seems much newer than the rest of the guitar. It looks out of place.

I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole but that is just my opinion.
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