I'm upgrading the wiring in my heavily modified Tele, I have a Duncan 59 in the neck, a DiMarzio noiseless in the middle and a Fender texas special in the bridge. I need to know what difference will pots make, what difference will a 500k make instead of the 250k ones that are in it? If any difference at all.
500k pots will brighten up the tone and add a bit more output compared to 250k.
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500k pots will brighten up the tone and add a bit more output compared to 250k.

A perfect description. Its important to note that 500K pots isn't an upgrade to the 250K, its just different.

I personally don't like 500K pots in a Strat or Tele...but that is just my opinion.
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you could probably (don't quote me on this) wire it up so the '59 has a 500k pot while the singles effectively have 250k.
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