My 2012 American Standard Stratocaster has suddenly started to make a vibrato/tremolo(actually both at the same time) sound, especially when i play on the g, b and high e string, from ca. 12th fret and above and it's only noticeable when I play with a dirty sound. It's not the amp or any pedals. I tried changing strings, i've tried with 9. 10. and 11. sizes.. Didn't make any difference. Also tried raising and lowering the strings, and still no solution.. Is it an electronic issue? Or could it be related to the strat tremolo system?
The amps i tried was a Fender Twin Reverb 65 Reissue (with the vibrato turned off) and an Orange Dual Terror. I used a Big Muff with the Twin Reverb.. The vibrato/trem sound was completely the same on both amps..
That isn't very descriptive....post a sound link.

If you are saying it is noise from the tremolo, I know a lot of people claim that the trem springs in the cavity make unwanted vibrating noise...I have not noticed it on my 2011 USA Stratocaster, but a lot of people put pipe cleaners, cotton, etc inside of the tremolo springs to suppress noise.
i have this problem with my jackson rr with fr trem. going to stuff something in those springs next chance. something rubbery i think. my charvel/jackson with kahler 2520 does the same thing.

at least on my guitars it's definitely the springs.
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if it sounds like a mechanical echoey noise, try cleaning the trem springs. worked for me, and i didn't have to put any noise dampener things in there either.
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Pickups are too close?

if the pickups are too high it can cause a tremolo effect on the strings, especially the G B and High E.
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Have you intonated your guitar lately? Sometimes that gives that effect.