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I'm looking for a new bass. I'm a recording type of guy who started with a guitar and now has been playing bass for couple of years as well. I recently tuned couple of my guitars to D-standard and I'm looking for a bass with that tuning in mind. Easy option would be down tuning a 4-string. I play several styles of music. The kind of music I mostly like to make is proggy hard rock.

Now I started thinking the option of a 5-stringer. I could do anything from standard tuning to down tuned stuff without changing the tuning or the instrument. I'm also interested in the idea of extended range; when timed right, those low register licks could have a powerful effect even in "standard tuning" songs.

Now, I would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and most of all experiences with this 5-stringed beast especially when it comes to genres outside of down tuned metal. Do you benefit from the extended range a lot? (might be a dumb question) Did you have to heavily adapt your style? Any information would be helpful.
I wouldn't recommend using extended range to replace a different tuning but I certainly would recommend an extended range bass anyway. I've used 4 strings in every single band that hasn't been in standard tuning because it works out a lot easier for transferring riffs between instrument but that low B string is still pretty invaluable. Why not get a 5 string and tune it ADGCF?

When you're using the 5th string as a low B (rather than high C) there's no change in technique at all unless you're used to a much wider strings spacing; that shouldn't be a problem for you though.

If you've got a budget in mind then we can suggest a few basses. If it's just for studio and home stuff I recommend the 5 string Squier Jazz or Precision.
Thanks for reply!

Very helpful! Tuning a 5 string to ADGCF is indeed a considerable option. I have been looking some of the lower end Warwick Corvettes. I loved the 4-string version when I briefly tested one. There's a 5-string version as well, which is probably the maximum I'm willing to spend budget-wise. Right now it would be mainly for recording and a bit later maybe some gigging as well.
If you're talking about the Warwick Pro Series Corvette then that's a pretty healthy budget. They're fantastic basses but it may pay off to take in all the options.
you could always affix a d-tuner
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Drop tunerswould be a bit impractical for D standard.

That Corvette $$ is pretty amazing. I had the German model a few years back and it's all the versatility you could want. You have to be kkay with active electronics though.
cheaper than a 5 string to reach down 1 whole step
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you could always affix a d-tuner

I'm going to DROP D!!!!

Thank you all.

I actually decided to go with the corvette $$5. I'll mess around with it when I get it and decide wether I down tune it or keep it standard. Down tuning my four string is an option as well. Well see.
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