Hai, I'm slowly considering getting a vibrato pedal. Probably a side effect of being a Steven Wilson fanboy, I guess but I really find both the faster, "shiver-like" kind of vibrato as well as slower, more "cinematic" ones to be really interesting and with plenty of potential for atmospheric stuff. (On the other hand, I'm not a great fan of chorus, flanger and such as they sound a bit too "synth-like" to me - thus I like the idea of an effect that adds some "movement" without colouring the core of the sound.)

Either way, pretty much the only interesting vibrato pedal I'm familiar with is the TC Electronic Shaker, and being a fan of TC's stuff overall and how it has the usual "built like a tank, sounds great, and can be configured in 233236523289097 different ways" TC things I see no reason why it would not be a great choice, but are there any other interesting pedals of this type I'm missing? I'm generally interested in a similar price range (so preferably less than $150 or so) - I'd like an interesting pedal with a fair amount of options to experiment with (+ the usual requirements of solid construction and no tone degradation), but don't really need a boutique "space station" kind of unit.

So far this is just for "research purposes", I'm not yet about to get one immediately, but I'd be very grateful for any interesting suggestions

[In case it requires clarification: I'm looking for a vibrato pedal, i.e. one that affects the pitch - not a tremolo pedal. Unless there's some sort of cool hybrid pedal that can do both within this price, then why not...]
I have a BBE Mind Bender and I love it. Definitely a keeper for me.
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Cheap hybrid pedal that can do both within the price. I got mine for $30 used
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