Hello, thank you for listening to Leif Ericson - you should check out some more folk metal, there are a lot of awesome bands! I could recommend a few if you want. Anyway, had a listen to your music, the production and playing are very good to me - I'm afraid this sort of rock I am not too familiar with, but I quite like it. The lead playing is very good for the style, very effective. The electronic sounds in What's It Coming To aren't really my thing, but I'm guessing they fit the style. You managed to get a nice bass sound - I've always struggled with that! I like the vocals in What's It Coming To, but not so much in Pack Up And Go, but that's not to say there is anything wrong with them, that's just my personal preference, haha, they are very effective for the song and in that sense, they are good.
Hello Mr Aardvark,

First off - I dont know how you manage to be so prolific. You obviously have a lot of creativity fighting to get out and do a good job of turning it into something concrete.

Whats It Now Coming To

This has a nice groove to it. Those tom hits at the start a nice and bassy, as is the bass guitar riff. As always from you, the production is pro sounding, the mix is spacious and powerful. The only thing I would suggest is a little more volume on the distorted guitar - it felt a little weak in the mix. The lead guitar has a cool spacey vibe to it which worked nicely.

Pack Up and Go To

I'm not so sure on the mix of this one. The vocals seem to get a little out of control with the sibilence at times. I was listening to it quite loud and it made me wince a few times. From a personal preference point of view I'm not such a fan of the more electronic sounding drums, and I would have thought it would benefit from the kick, being the sound it is, staying right up in your face and thumping - but it sorta lost its power when all the other instruments kicked in. That being said it didnt sound that bad. And the guitar sound was pretty cool - I preferred the more powerful sound it had.

Overall, well made tracks as always from you.

Thanks for the comment Aaron!

Again, your music fails to disappoint!
Particularly love 'What's it now coming to'. Reminds me of a mix between industrial goth music and Black Label Society. Love the shredding solo also.

Unfortunately I've broken my headphones whilst recording my last song (only one ear works now..) so I've only been able to hear your music through bad laptop speakers.

for track 1, i think the lead synth isn't present enough. needs more treble, or needs to be louder, not sure which. that aside, i think the mix is very balanced

for track 2, it reminds me joan jett's i love rock and roll somehow. i like the melodic leadwork on this track. the vocals fit, but i think each of your songs i've looked at has had heavily processed vocals. i'd like to hear your voice by itself production/mix is good, but i think this track plods a bit too much because it relies on a single verse riff. maybe it needs another section or another riff that's drastically different from the verse or chorus ones?
hi aaron thanks for checking out my song. i listened to both and nice work! my thoughts are for song 1 i thought the guitars should have a little bit meatier tone to rock a little harder. i do like your sense of rhythm and groove here. i thought the guitar solo should maybe follow more closely what the rhythm guitar is doing perhaps. this seems like a unique style of rock so forgive me if i'm off base there! for song 2 i like the drums starting out is cool and i like the bass sound here its clear and driving the groove. i like the leads in this song better too. maybe a little less vocal effects? good work!
Hey Aaron, thanks for your feedback.

What's It Now Coming To: A nice catchy track, but I feel the rhythm guitars didn't have quite enough punch to them. The snare drum and percussion in general, did not lack this at all though. Vocals are not really my preference, but they were inoffensive (I'm more of a Rob Halford/Screeching Power Metal kind of guy when it comes to that stuff ). It was refreshing to hear bass, loud and clear. Overall, I was reminded of Black Sabbath (but with synths). It made for a nice combination. The synths weren't overdone which was good.

Pack Up and Go: For some reason, I really disliked the effects on the vocals. I think the reverb is too strong, maybe try rolling off a bit? Alternatively, you could try taking advantage of your stereo space and move the multiple voices to different parts of the spectrum.
What's it now coming to has an awesome vibe about it, I really like the drums in this track they are so heavy but work so well. This is one of the most rocky songs that I've heard of yours and those riffs around the 1:25 mark sound great. Good composition over all man nothing I can say needs work really
Hello Aaron, had a listen to the tracks. Cool vibe on 'Pack Up and Go To' - the vocals give it that unique character that I've heard from your other work. Enjoyed the slide guitar solo also. I always wonder how people do it when they play slide solos - I'm useless at using a slide. (ps that vocal at 2:03 I thought was totally appropriate hehe)

'What's It Now Coming to' was another good track. Especially diggin' the main keyboard theme - has a slight ethnic flavour to it near the end of it, to my ear, which is cool. Nice free-style guitar solo in there too. To be honest, got a sort of Guns-n-Roses vibe to the riffy part, which is not a bad thing. (I usually don't like relating other people's music to bands but I couldn't quite help it here) The only other thing is that I felt a more beefy bass tone would have done the song more justice but nice work.

Would you be up for some C4C. If so, here's my latest one: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1683186

Thanks for the crit man!

Pack up and go to: Drum intro is rockin man I love it, the guitar riff and tone fit perfectly as well as the bass, but imo they both drown out a pretty solid beat. vocals are different, but really well done, good mixing love the delay effects and harmonies. The whole 1:27 sections is sick though, really cool playing, although I would have loved if the bass changed a bit and maybe built up to something different? overall I liked it man, I really enjoyed it, I've yet to be disappointed by any of your work, keep it up bro

What's it now coming to: This is more my jam than the previous tune, the drums intro reminds me or some other song it's pretty cool, what do you use for your drums? I think the synth line makes the song, the divebombs and little guitar overdubs are really good too man, vocals are solid too as usual, what mic do you use? The guitar solo is awesome man, the effects are perfect for the song. I liked it man, nice work.
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! I normally struggle with slide guitar myself, trying to stay in tune: I try to keep the slide right over the fret when I pluck the strings. On "Pack Up & Go", I used a Korg TR-Rack synth module: I programmed 100% of those drums. On "What's It Now Coming To": the drums are toontrack Rock Solid EZX (I believe those are operating within Superior Drummer): most of the drum patterns came from toontrack. I use an audio technica PR335 (Cardio Dynamic) mic I got in 1994.
Thanks for the feedback, Aaron. As I've said before, your vocals are very cool and often remind me of Roger Waters at his most stylish. "Pack up and go to" was a bit too far out for me. I get a definite feel for the atmosphere you want to create, but it doesn't quite gel with me. On the other hand, "What's it now coming to" was more to my liking. Really digging the synths and vocals on this one. Especially in the verse. You sound very badass at the beginning of the verse!
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Thanks for the feedback again aaron.
You're quite creative, and also a little to eccentric for me lol. Your playing is outstanding, the leads are as crazed as the vocals, the bass lines are awesome and pretty confidently mixed in. It all sounds professional to me, I couldn't really suggest something because you have a style and you pull it off well over and over again.
Thanks for the feedback on Supernova! The production quality of your tracks is amazing, and so is the composing. I loved the drum intro on What's It Now Coming To. The synths were a bit harsh at first, but I got used to it and now it sounds cool. The whole track was very entertaining to listening to. I notice something new every time I listen to the track, for example the subtle pans of the lead guitar. The vocals are very catchy, as for Pack Up and Go To I personally don't like processed sounding vocals but they suited the song. The leads for both tracks were also pretty cool, especially the slide bits on PUAGT. Great job!
What its coming to now

The vocals at the start reminded me of Electric Six but with an awesome groove behind it. Your guitar parts are awesome and those effects are crazy, especially that one at 3:50, I loved it!

Pack up and go to

The bass held a groove all the way through this, I was constantly nodding my head. The only thing is there wasn't much of a change musically to differentiate verse and chorus, even throwing in a slight a effect which you're very good at might improve it in my opinion. Listening to your songs tho, you're obviously very skilled. Keep it up!
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Sounds good, as usual. The scream in Pack Up And Go To surprised me. All the parts were very solid. I agree with skatooter about making the choruses a bit more powerful. It's something that could be achieved with small adjustments to the mix. I like your lead playing in these.

Nice to hear two very rocking tracks from you.