I've really worked to get a rig that I like and suits me.

I've spent ages demo-ing pedals and so on and at the end, it'll be as you see plus a GigirigG2, PC2A Comp, Phase 90 and Effectrode Firebottle

The Flight Time will go as I managed to pick up a TC2290 very cheaply.

Very happy so far. Looking for tonez from Bonamassa to Gilmour to at the extreme, Sambora.

Loves single coils, but the Les Paul through the Minstrel is to die for.

****in' sweet!

That's all I have to say.
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thats one sexy rig. been thinking of getting a princeton stack like yours. loud enough to gig with?
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Just about.

The Extn cb takes a little power away from the PT but the soundscape is much bigger
It has a Celestion 12 V30 in it.