Hello all. This makes me very sad. I have suffered for years with cracks at the tips of my fingers that seem to start from the inside. Not so terrible when they are on the picking hand, but they stop me from playing when on the fret hand. I have tried every remedy to come up, from sleeping with lotion and gloves on to drinking more water. Yes, I've read stories of players tearing calluses off while playing and gluing them back on. That's not me, it's very painful and it stops me from playing. I've tried neosporin with pain relief too.
Does anyone else have this problem and what have you done that allows you to play? Thank you for any help. I wasn't sure which area to post this in, I don't see this problem brought up.
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See a doctor.

1st move ^^

Rule out all medical issues first and then consider lighter gauge strings or tune down 1/2 step.
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I dont play long enough to cut my fingers. You have to gradually work up to playing and toughing those calluses up. I have played for 50 years and I have never over played to cutting my fingers up.