Hey guys

Here's a song I wrote just recently, let me know what you think (excuse my voice), C4C of course


when irish eyes are smiling, you've had to too much to drink cus eyes dont smile, mouths do
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Lovely guitar work in this one! Really good technique, and your acoustic sounds wonderful as well. Your vocal work could use some work in some places. In the verses I prefer the way you end your sentences more than the way you begin them, if that makes sense :P Overall, a very nice tune. It gave me kind of a John Mayer vibe, due to the great guitar playing and folky atmosphere. Overall, a very good job

By the way, thanks for your feedback on my song
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Nice sounds man. Liked the note choice/progression in the beginning and then I'm quite impressed you can sing and play the main theme part at the same time. Sounds fun to play and it seems to come to you naturaly if you can sing over the top of it as well. Liked how the different rhythms of the guitar and vocals compliment each other at 1:18. Nice playing and nice piece, play on.

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