So I have a Peavey Vyper VIP 3 (100 watts)
Amazing amp for electric guitar. So for, mediocre as an acoustic amp.
For bass, I love it. But somethings missing.
I bought this amp because I didn't really have the space for 3 different amps,
and I don't have a car so it was the biggest I could carry back and forth between shows.
I wanted to know if anyone had any opinions on how I should set the amp up for Bass?
I play in a rock band similar to Foo fighters/Chili peppers I guess.
Let me know your thoughts.
I have the vip 1. I find the Trace Eliot emulation to be the best sounding channel. Just set all your tone controls at 12 o'clock and don't add any effects or stompboxes besides a little compression (both controls at 12 o'clock). Go from there and boost or cut whatever you do or don't like. It should give you a decent sound! But it is obviously not ideal as a bass amp. 100 watts is not a lot of power for bass. Most suggest at least 300 watts for small shows.
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You will kill the speaker on the guitar amp playing it at loud volume with a bass. The "amp" section will handle it though. Don't do it. as pointed out by another poster 100 Watts is a toy or practice bass amp. And yes I also agree with the poster you will need 300-400 Watts to get over a drummer playing that style of music. If space & size is a issue you could get by with a 200 Watt combo as long as it has a 15" speaker and you have a DI to plug into the PA to fill the room
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Use a SansAmp DI/Preamp or even a venerable Yamaha PB-1 into the House sound. or into a powered PA Cabinet.

That will do the trick.
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