So I have been playing guitar for at least 5 years now(probably closer to 6 in all honesty, just going off of when my YouTube account was made), and I think I am at a decent level, for the way I was taught. But, I have been trying to get into writing music again, I haven't written anythiing since early 2013, so I have forgotten my old methods of writing music.

I am mainly trying to write more of what I play on the violin, interesting melodies. I have no problem with the chords side of things, but I am more interested now in playing mainly melodies sicne I am a solo guitarist nowadays.

I also am struggling with making the meldies sound less reptitive. Any ideas/tips on writing better melodies?
Let me start off by warning you that whatever musical advice you get given here will end up steering you towards a particular direction. So before you think about melody, first figure out why and what you want to do with it. That way you'll be in control of your own work. It's always a slippery slope when it comes to questions like these.
You are the writer. If you don't like what you are writing, then change it. If it is too repetitive, then don't repeat as much. It's all you. There is not right or wrong, and no way. There is just if you like it or not, so you need to write something you like. Listen to it, figure out what you don't like, and rework it until you do.

The creativity comes from the artist, not some method they were taught.