im considering getting a randall rg 80 for running my irig and i guess it doubles as a direct box with the xlr output.

my question is, do you think this amp will have enough low end for metal? i know i can plug a cab which i have two to use. but i want it for the weight factor.

basically im downsizing from a half stack to this single speaker combo.

any thoughts?

any better options?

is the perfect amp for my situation? i play with a moderately loud drummer.
It will definitely do what you want. Tons of low end and fantastic gain.
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Thanks for your answer

i honestly think im being too lazy not lugging around my 4x12 as i always have a helping hand around anyways. not exactly doing gigs alone lmao i have a band and band mates help out.

altho i think the rg80 is a good little combo. best ive seen in a while.

but heres the thing, im not gonna get it for just being a lazy ass lol. im trying to be realistic with the kind of gigs ill be getting.

firstly, ill lug the 4x12 to band practice and back home because i like the tone and i have help.

but secondly, realisticly, even tho i love metal and play metal for life, the kind of gigs id be getting at this point in my "career" lmao are in a church, school, back yard, or even if im lucky a coffee shop, no way id get into a club or bar.... i mean unless i become some guitar god and thats highly unlikely with the competition out there. not to mention my shoddy skills lol.

so my issue here is ppl arent exaclty going to dig a 4x12 in a church or school, maybe a back yard XD. might be too brootal for them. and i figure the rest of the players wouldnt have anything that big. ive seen combos used in churchs and back yard gigs. hell my friend did a gig at the wiltern with a shitty roland 60 combo lmao. his guitar input sucked tho but his guitar was very metal. oh did i mention they played grindcore. in fact i think they other guy had an rp90. they were NOT heavy tho. sounded like trash aura on their tone if u know what i mean. that kind of tone that whispers trash in your ear and makes you cry.

so would it be worth it just to look less brootal and sound milder for the gentler genres ill be playing. as i definitely wont play metal gigs for a long while until i get a decent band together which may happen in the next 5 years. in any case im ready for that. but for now, my half stack might be too much.

btw i really like that i can use the rg80 as a direct box thats probably the biggest reason for wanting to get that. not necessarily as a back up rig but can definitely be used for that
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If I were you I'd get a Randall rg1503H and a Laney Irt 2x12. That's what I have and that's a killer rig. Although versatility isn't the amps strongest point. If you need it for church a used jet city 22 head would IMO solve that.
You have a killer amp for metal(the RG) and a sweet amp for your lower gain and even higher gain with a boost stuff.
The Laney cab is no slouch as well.
Well, you can call me crazy
You can call me wrong, 'cause
See I was born a liar, albatross
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well i have a versatile amp the peavey xxl, matching half stack. sounds the best out of anything ive tried surprisingly and i have a framus cobra sitting next to it lmao. which is on a 2x12 so im not lacking cabs or versatility or tone for that matter.

what im lacking is lightweight gear lol. it all weighs a ton. the 2x12 i can do myslef but the half stack is over 100 lbs lmao. biggest cab in the industry i found. but like i said church gig.... killer amp like a framus would blow anything else out of the water. wouldnt be fair lol

my current spots have PA support but im worried about when there wont be. i dont really need DI since i can stand next to the mixer. but if i dooooo i might need the rg80 and if no PA im sure thats loud enough. but im worried about it sounding small. i havent played a 1x12 in a while. smallest thing ive tried recently is a 2x12 dt50 and that was pretty big sounding similar to my ear candy buzzbomb 2x12. so im at a loss lol and i dont have travel methods to get to testing sites that easy.
so i just remembered i was gifted a powered mixer for a pa system, it has all the necessary inputs so all i need are speakers.

and those are light as hell so ill be ok without the combo XDDD. probably the best solution i have.

thanks tho.