Hello Thrasher726.

This starts off pretty brutal sounding. I like your guitar tone and it seemed really well performed. The drums sounded generally very good - not overly drum machine sounding. I did think the cymbals are a little too airy, but thats a small complaint. Your vocal style suits the track for the most part, the semi-black metal style is done really well. The problem for me is that the mixing of the vocals kinda stepped all over the rest of the track at times. That really big reverb/delay just took over during the chorus, to the point where I couldnt really hear the guitar or anything else. I think when using something so dramatic you need to do a lot to control it - I sadly dont know what to suggest.

I'm not a big fan of the clean vocal part - it seemed to veer the track off course for me - but thats just a personal preference thing. If the reverb etc was reigned in then it would'nt be that out of place.

I quite like idea with the ending section - I thought it was a little unusual and unexpected. I always struggle with how to end things and normally cop out and go classic slow fade, or abrupt stop like a numpty

This seemed like a cool track that could have been even better if the vocal mix could be reigned in some to let the cool riffs rock.

If you fancy some C4C - you can tear my latest creation to shreds here
the cymbals are really overpowering at the start and the verb is kinda over the top, they're really splashy throughout the whole track. the vocals are too loud and need to be brought down a few db, especially when you have both the gutturals and highs going at once, the instrumentals turn to mush beneath it. the section at 0:57-1:10 have a better balance, i think. the guitar tone is pretty on point for deathcore and is well performed. i personally don't like fading out songs like this :p but i guess that's down to taste

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