So basically, I'm getting more and more into home recording. A problem is, however, that I live in an apartment, so recording vocals is kind of hard since a) it disturbs the neighbours b) I'm not that confident about my singing (I shouldn't be, anyway,because I'm mainly a guitarist, and still have a lot to learn about singing ), which disables me to go "all in" so to speak when recording vocals, since I know the neighbours can hear it (they've not complained yet, but they've 'let me know', so to speak).

However, I've been playing around with the thought of sound-proofing a little storage room I have in my apartment for recording as well as practicing vocals. The room measures about 2x1 meter and the height is about 3 meter maybe. I live on the first floor in my building, and I'd probably say it's about average when it comes to the "responsiveness" of the apartments in the building.

So my question is are there any good, preferably cheap, options to soundproofing this room, and will I have a good chance to reduce the sound that other apartments will hear?
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Sound treatment and sound proofing are two different things. Sadly Sound Proofing in a rented apartment is near impossible as it usually involves construction. Sound Proofing is all about blocking air and vibration from reaching your neighbors. The way you do that is by putting more mass between yourself and your neighbor. You could put up an extra layer of dry wall on your wall with green glue in between the sheets. You could try blowing insulation into the wall or checkout some Roksul safe and sound insulation.

Those foam panels you see on the wall don't soundproof anything, they just prevent your room from reverberating.
I'd recommend just being smart about when you record, only being loud when the sun is up and try to focus your energies onto weekend days. I had my Vox AC4 DIMED on Monday evening, but the minute the sun set that bad boy was shut off. No complaints yet, and we've recorded a full LP, including live drums, over the past 2 months. We live on the middle floor and have neighbors all around us, no complaints yet.
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Here is an article I wrote about sound-proofing vs sound treatment. It's in very general terms but elaborates on some things here.


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