I don't know the proper thread for this matter, so i'll put it here, I bet you guys have the knowledge.
So I bought a guitar, and in shop, i noticed some weird spots on the metal, thought it was water spots so i bought it. It didn't go away when I tried to clean it, and I have no idea what it really could be. Do you guys know what it is, and how to get rid of it?

The light here makes it worse than it looks, but better detectable

here's without light

it is corrosion from people playing it in the shop. They leave oils from their hands on it and no one in the shop wiping it after.
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Hopefully you didn't buy this guitar new recently; it's already corroded. The bridge is fully into rust mode, and that should have been readily apparent.

Take it back and start over.

This is one of the reasons you do NOT "try a bunch of guitars until one speaks to you." All those conversations it's had with other folks over the time it's been hanging on the wall have already turned it into a used guitar.

You can't fix the rust on the bridge. You're already getting bubbling on the tailpiece because sweat and whatever's in the air and all that has penetrated the micro-holes in the cheap chrome plating and begun to attack the copper/nickel beneath the chrome. When copper (and nickel and steel) oxidizes, it forms crystals that expand beyond the original form and push their way up and out. Eventually (and sooner rather than later) that chrome is going to be completely undermined and will begin to flake off. If you look carefully at the rest of the guitar, you'll find the same process happening on pickup screws, tuners, etc.

Take it back.

When you finally get a New In The Box guitar, here are some maintenance tips:

1. Wax everything. The finish, too. Carnauba wax, same as you use on a car. NOT silicone-based wax, and nothing with abrasive cleaners. The wax protects the chrome and metals, and seals those micro-holes in the cheap plating. Do this every couple of months during a string change.

2. Find a cloth diaper and toss it in your case. Wipe down the guitar after using it, every time. WASH the flippin' thing once a month because otherwise you're just smearing old sweat and grime over the new sweat and grime.

3. Do not leave your guitar out on a stand or on a wall hanger or leaning against the wall. Strings and metal will corrode a LOT faster that way.

4. Keep the guitar in your *closed* case with a VCI emitter. This is a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. It gives off a vapor that actually coats the entire guitar, but especially the metal parts, with a very thin (molecules thick, you can't see, smell, or feel it) coating that helps prevent corrosion. It'll help preserve even those areas that you can't reach with wax, such as coil wires in your pickups.

VCI's will NOT hurt your guitar in any way. NASA uses them to help preserve stored spare parts worth millions. They also use a plastic wrap that has VCI components built into it. An emitter will cost you around $10 per year (replace them about that often) and can be had from places like theruststore.com Specifically: http://www.theruststore.com/Bull-Frog-Emitter-Cup-P24.aspx
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Thanks man
That is a very detailed explanation and we will take it back into shop with that one picture where you really see what's going on. On the rest of the guitar, there's not even a trace of what's happening to the bridge and tail. Hoping they will replace those!
If its recently shop bought then yes take it back and see if they can exchange it.

For future reference, regular chrome pitting and corrosion from normal use is largely removable by vigorously rubbing the part with aluminium foil that has been dipped in cola. Ensuring its throughly washed under clean water and dried afterwards. This works for all except the most serious cases of chrome pitting and corrosion
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