I just read an article about how jeff beck used to drill holes in his les paul for weight relief. i see how there are guitars today that have weight relief but i figured this is something you have to do during production. is there a way to do this to a les paul after production?
Slightly off topic, but just read this and thought you guys might like it.

I read in Fahey's bizarre book "How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life" about a blues musician who would drill a hole in his guitar to "Fix" broken strings during his performance. He would pull out a drill, drill a hole, and put a new string in. Seems bullshittish to me, wouldn't it be easier just to swap out the string? Anyway the big deal was supposedly it would sound exactly the same despite the string change. Fahey said he looked at the guitar after the show and couldn't figure out how it didn't just fly apart.

Duct tape, I'm betting.
It could be done after production but it wouldnt be worth it. It would be far cheaper to sell your current les paul and buy another which is weight relieved.

Would essentially mean drilling the holes, then covering either covering the holes or placing a veneer of wood on the back of the guitar, then refinishing it.
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is there a way to do this to a les paul after production?

Sure. Take a drill to it.

Wouldn't be the first time someone has done that, and it would be just as stupid now as it was in 1955 the first time it was done.
Actually Les Paul's 1953 prototype Black Beauty was so carved up by Les that it was naturally weight relieved. The whole section of the guitar from the neck to the bridge was hollowed out so Les could experiment using various pickups and transformers for his low impedance pick ups. He covered the large hole with a black pick guard that changed as needed. This was the guitar he usually played on his TV show through the 50's.
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