Been a while since I've been here but I have a new song I've just made a demo for:


It's themed around Ragnarök. (For those who don't know, the apocalypse in ancient Norse religion).

Singing this one took me out of my comfort zone a fair bit so excuse the vocals.

All written and recorded by me using Reaper and:
Guitar Rig
Kontakt 5 Rickenbacker
EZ Drummer 2

My mixing and mastering skills are infantile so please be gentle!
Vocals are good during the chorus, not quite as good during the verse. I realize you probably want a contrast, though having your more intense singing style during the verse could improve things overall. Instrumentally, everything sounds good to me. Audio quality is pretty good, not bad. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks Aaron, dropped you a comment on yours.

I'm not too keen on the verses either myself. I'm not a strong singer at all and I feel far more comfortable doing the more aggressive sound than I do the singing.. My band mates felt it best to have the contrast with the singing vocals so I might just get a few lessons to help improve it.

I was impressed with the vocals in the middle 8 though. Literally had no idea on what I was going to do vocally other than the lyrics and the rhythm.
the hoarse vocals didn't really work for me at the very start, right after the clean bits, but later on in the song they sounded much better. imo you might need a bridge, since the transition between clean and harsher vocals is too abrupt. the bass guitar sounds massive soloed during the verse but i think it fights with the guitar during the chorus; maybe you could eq out everything below 200 for the guitar and remove some of the top end of the bass. nice song other wise

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Hello there.

This is a cool track. It has a industrial feel - it kind of reminds me of Rob Zombie in the chorus section. I quite like the vocal styles. In parts it sounds a touch too throaty on the harsh bits, but for me its quite a minor issue. I actually think the vocals is the best bit for me.

The bass guitar sound isnt what I would normally go for (I like a deep subby sound normally) but it worked well in this track, particularly in the verses.

The guitar parts are simple but effective. The tone sounds good on the palm mute, but I'm less of a fan of the sound on the main riff when its more open. Not sure why.

I really enjoyed listening to this. You gained a follower.

If you fancy checking out my stuff it's here