i have two broken items that are too expensive for me to repair. but to someone with know how these will be a steal.

200 for the jca20h (brand new sovtek tubes + 150 for the amp)

and 100 for the acoustic takamine gs330s.

the acoustic has a hole in it. and itll break if u try tune it in standard. works great as a baritone. the hole added bass too, go figure. holds tuning fine if u dont tune too high. intonation is bad as you would expect. but i manage to make beautiful music with it. all yours to smash on stage!!!!

the jet city amp functions but for some reason it gets very little sound with all knobs at full. could be an internal fuse. to be honest probably an easy repair. however i dont have the skill and its 100+ to just diagnose and get parts at a repair shop. labor not included. that with new tubes would have costed me the amp price i paid for it so i might as well buy another lmao. but if anyone thinks they can handle it its 200 obo. 200 b/c the tubes were expensive.
cuz i got the broken takamine blues!!!! she done seen a lot o' harm!!! she'll sting ya if you strum her wrong!!!