I bought this guitar a while back and after doing various mods to it, I really enjoy it. The tuners are garbage though and need to go. Can anyone recommend a good 7 string set that would work for this guitar? (4Left/3Right)

I don't know a good website/seller to buy from either. Searching on amazon I'm only finding the "7 on one side" style.
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I've had two or three of those guitars. They require 10mm tuners.

grover mini rotomatics
sperzel trim-lok - sperzel are great because they come in many weird colors
schaller has a bunch of them
gotoh usually ibanez guys go with because of their "badass" name

18:1 ratio is what you'd want it's more accurate , locking just makes it easier to re-string. Grovers I've never had a problem with ever. Worked on guitars 20+ years old and same thing can be said. A good nut also helps big time and copper shielding on the AX7221 really helped to improve the clarity considering how high the output of the pickups were. I think the bridge was around 18k.

any local guitar shop if they're a supplier should get the prices competitively
ebay - it's not just used ones either
europe / UK musicans I'm sure will chime in with some other stuff, should be an easy google search.