I made my first guitar from the scratch. Im totally a beginner at painting. I painted it with black paint several coats. Then I applied clear coat. I didn't know how long I've to keep it to dry.It looked perfect . So after few hours I put it inside a guitar case. Now the guitar surface looks similar to the fabric of my guitar cover. Now I know i screwed the clear coat. Now i need to remove the clear coat and apply it again. Help me! clears!
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I'd say sand it back a bit so you can't see the fabric texture, then spray a few more coats of clear.

Depending on the clear coat you're using, you probably have to leave it for at least a week to be fully hard, so hang it up somewhere like a closet and make sure nothing bangs into it.
What he said, but wait for it to go off (cure properly) first before you get jiggy with the sanding. And dont rush for the orbital sander either, we're not talking about taking bulk material off, just sand gently until the imperfections have been removed and then wipe it with some thinner or something (dunno what kind of paint you used but I'm tipping a rattle can would be the culprit) to get the left over dust and shit off the surface and then assuming the base colour is ok and even, give her a few licks with the clear and LET IT DRY PROPERLY. You could then think about buffing it lightly with a gentle cutting compound after about 4 weeks to bring the gloss right out. Pics please btw, I like a good 'I did this to my guitar and I have pics to prove it' thread...
I know of an ancient formula that perfectly peels off clear coats off guitars without damaging the integrity or surface, but the mixture requires the blood of a virgin monk of webbed feet which nowadays is quite hard to come across.

So just gently use sand paper to remove the coat that works too.
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What kind of clear coat did you use?
In the event it was a Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic I would advise against using it on the second attempt. I just finished two guitars a earlier this year with that krylon garbage and even after some 3 months they never seemed to be fully cured or dry, eventually the finished reacted with the vinyl my guitar strap was made of and kind of melted a hole in the finish. So in the end I used some xylene (as krylon advised) to wash it off and resprayed them with some becker acroma nitro (from a legitimate finish supplier) which dried in two weeks.

Honestly it depends on what kind of finish you put on.
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