My bridge on my epiphone nikki six thunderbird bass broke off recently, so I need a new one. I don't use it as a gigging bass nor that much for practice so I'm not too worried, but of course I'd still like to play around with it.

I'm thinking of just buying a cheap replacement bridge, but I don't know if this will drastically diminish the sound quality. Is there a really significant audible effect with using a different bridge? I know it sounds different but I want to know if it's worth paying for a decent bridge or if it's ok settling on a cheap one as a replacement. Any suggestions on good cheap bridges?

It's just an amateur bass that needs some medical assistance, it's not my favorite so I don't want to spend a lot for surgery, but I don't want to give it a couple paracetamols and send it home either.
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it will , in fact we cough the wrong way and it changes the sound. Brass , steel , zinc , aluminum all give different sounds. Same can be said about materials of strings we use or types. For bass like flat wound vs round wound , for guitars steel vs pure nickel strings.

the more expensive bridges last longer, some are harder to rust.. all kinds of pros to it. Worst case scenario buy used.

guitar fetish comes up a lot for like mid ranged upgrade / replacement parts. But see what Nikki Sixx is using as reference perhaps if his specs come online as the only bass bridge I know is the kahler one with the whammy bar and that's out of the question haha.
I hadn't considered the type of metal I was gonna look for so I'll look more into it. I'm not looking for a specific sound so I guess I'll just try find a good deal on a replacement on guitarfetish. Thanks for the input buddy
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