I have a 335 style schecter corsair. 2vol/2tone. I'm looking to rewire it with a single master volume(to clean up my drive sound regardless of switch position), which would leave me with one unused pot. I wouldn't be completely opposed I having a nothing pot on there, but would be interested instead in some sort of a control to add to the overall versatility.

Any ideas or experience with cool or different controls?
Maybe install a boost pot of some sort to replace the unused vol pot.
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What about a bass contour? It's one of those things I'd like to try out but never managed to

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coil splits or series/parallel? assuming you don't have those already (it's a schecter so I'm guessing it might )

^ bass contour seems like a nice idea too, perhaps
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Any ideas or experience with cool or different controls?

You don't need two tone knobs.
One can be a standard treble rolloff (what we call a tone knob)
The other can be a mids rolloff. Or you could have it be a sweepable mids cut.

And the fourth knob should be a "blend knob" (blends the two pickups when both are selected).
I've considered the blender knob. It's a schecter, but I retired it already with a more vintage wiring harness, so the push/pulls are gone. I was thinking too, maybe a rotary switch in the one position for series, parallel, and different coil selections... Hmmm