Sunshine, why'd you always complain?
Because you lost, because you never play this game
Everybody knows that, that we both choke each other
To see the lost son rise again
I know I can't do this shit anymore
You never gave me anything
My life was shit because I followed you and your beliefs
Why? Why? Why? Why?

I cannot take this I am rounded, not anymore
We are the troll that has rule over your new sister
The way we walk down, never we promise sin
No one should laugh until we're out alive

Moving forward, pushing this through
No one's gonna laugh until we're out alive
Doves can see you, do you want a flight?
Take this life I hope you die

I cannot take this, we're onto no one shifting
Now I'm on edge now, you've done enough to brace it through
I have their eyes, to see through wild lives
Why did you cry? You want it, now we're gonna die

What did you expect me to say?
Trying to find our own way
But you were stuck in my head
Stopping me from what I needed
With arms wide open
My heart and arms are closing
As I try to throw this all away
And stop following you

Take one knee, close your eyes
Nothing wants me, when lies would end you
You took nothing, you gave us nothing
You take this life, I hope you die

I gave my ears, I can't take this pain
I'll take on sober you, run upon me
Save me, why'd you promise me more
We're all dying, now really see through the shit cause
Now we're gonna die
Now we're gonna die

You said you would say, I put my trust in you
Now I am stuck with you
Following you, following you
This is the last time I will be following you
The poem is really wonderful in all terms such as: vocabulary, technical,meaningful and also really it has all the most needed literature terms in a fulfilled manner.