Hi, everyone. After stopping guitar in 2001 when I was nineteen, I have restarted playing again and intend to record more new songs. The songs I wrote are available on Sound Cloud. Here is a link: https://soundcloud.com/thomaspkoziara

My music is a mix of Billy Corgan/James Hetfield/Kirk Hammett/Jimi Hendrix/Eric Johnson.

If you are an instrumental guitarist, please respond to this thread. I would love to make a network of instrumental guitarists, especially on Sound Cloud. If you are on Sound Cloud, please follow me. I will follow you. Thanks!
I finished a new song. Check it out if you like instrumental guitar: https://soundcloud.com/thomaspkoziara/thomas-p-koziara-immaterial
"Love" has been recorded. It is new. Check it out if you like Instrumental Guitar.

I just finished recording "Sober" by Tool. Check it out:


Most of the song is original.
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My new song, "Illinois," is finished.

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"Mysteries" is out:
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